The Spirit of Competition

The goal of this event is to stimulate the Competition Soaring segment of the R/C hobby into higher levels of awareness within the modeling community.  Soaring has endured many years with no real push to grow the segment.  With a prestigious international event drawing out the best pilots from not only the US but the World, we hope to grow the great sport of competition soaring. IMAC has seen much growth, no doubt partly due to prestigious events like TOC, and the Don Lowe Masters.  Scale has also seen great growth with events like Top Gun and the US Scale Masters. The Electric segment has seen explosive growth with events like Neat and SEFF.  Giant scale has seen growth with events like Joe Nall, Dogs and the IMAA rally’s.

Soaring needs its own high profile event. An event that will be The One to Win, an event that brings the soaring segment in front of the average modeler, an event that gets people excited about soaring. This event is not a fly in, it is pure, unadulterated competition, with rules designed to choose the best thermal pilot in the world. This event will inspire many to get involved in soaring and aspire to higher levels of soaring skills.

Joe Wurts (winner of the 2010 and 2012 Masters) is seen here launching his Supra during the finals on Sunday.

Joe Wurts (winner of the 2010 and 2012 Masters) is seen here launching his Supra during the finals on Sunday.

LSF Involvement

LSF has agreed to support this event is in the form of manpower and equipment. The LSF has agreed to run this event through utilization of their staff and equipment. Additional volunteer help is always appreciated. Please contact the webmaster for more details.


All attending pilots must be a registered member of the LSF.

Entry Fees will be $100.00 per contestant.

A number of non-LSF positions will be held and recommended for entry by the event organization staff.

Entries must be submitted to the registrar by mail using the entry form on the event website.

Entries will be processed on a first come, first served basis.


The entry window will be open starting May 1, 2016 through September 10th 2016.  Postmarks on the entry envelope will be the sole determining factor as to the eligibility of the entry.

** Entries postmarked prior to the May 1, 2016 entry opening date will be returned unprocessed. **

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